Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Indulge me for just a moment, would you?

 Okay... I'm through now. :)

Today I woke up one year older. I celebrate 42 years today. I remember well the big 40 being anything but a celebration. It was the worst birthday of my life! But since that day I have chosen to celebrate all the birthdays I continue to have... alive, happy and healthy.

I woke this morning to a shower of birthday kisses from hubby and Abby. Abby's were considerably more aggressive and wetter (naturally since her tongue is at least a foot long lol), but then she was making sure they would wake me from a sound sleep... at 5AM! She is an EARLY riser. I feel like we have an infant all over again. I spent a lazy morning drinking coffee and hopping around to follow up on the Friday Follows I'd acquired. This is a great idea! I found quite a number of blogs to follow and look forward to visiting them again soon. I woke up this morning to a birthday gift of 30+ new followers! Thank you all so much and I hope I got back around to everyone with return Follows and comments. I tried hard to get them all but if you have followed my blog and do not find me following yours, please leave me a comment and I'll get right over to your blog and follow you.

Now I'm going to cuddle with that spoiled little chihuahua with the foot long tongue, and watch a movie before bedtime. :)


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! I just love that picture :)

    Stopping by from Friday Follow :)

  2. Sorry I am late on this but Happy Birthday to you..