Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Sunday Silly...

...inspired by Shell over at Things I Can't Say. Shell shared a silly picture and post of her 3 year old and reminded me of a funny story of my own son when he was not quite 2 years old yet. When Adam was little my mother was my Nanny. You sometimes miss some important things in your child's life when they are little and changing so fast. It can be bittersweet. And you miss some really funny moments sometimes too. I wasn't able to witness this episode but hearing about still makes me smile today. And I know my mom got a good laugh.

We lived in a three bedroom trailer at the time and always kept all the doors closed to limit areas of curiosity from Adam. He could walk the hallways with no danger of getting into anything he shouldn't. So he usually played with his toys in the open living room/kitchen area. One afternoon my mother was watching TV while he played. Suddenly she heard him laughing... one of those deep belly laughs that is contagious to all who hears it.

Mom said she heard some noises beforehand each time and couldn't tell at first what it was but sounded like splashing water. No water was or had been running so I'm sure she brushed that thought aside. After a few deep rolling belly laughs, she went to check on him. The bathroom door must not have been closed all the way. There he stood at the end of the hallway in the bathroom, cup in hand. He was soaked, and every visible part of the bathroom as well. He was caught, scooping cupfuls of water out of the toilet and throwing it straight up, splashing it on the ceiling and the water fell on him and splattered everywhere. His laughter came after each cup of water splashed onto the ceiling and rained down on him. She couldn't help but laugh too.

I guess being thankful for a CLEAN bathroom is an understatement huh?

You can share your own silly stories too at The Blue Zoo. Share the laughter!


  1. LOL Thats funny!

    What is it about the toilet water that is just so darn enticing to little boys?

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. That's hilarious! My naked son was obsessed with playing with the potty. We used to say that he was going to get an Olympic medal in toilet diving.