Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Abby turns 2!

If you've read much of anything here you know I have a spoiled rotten an adorable little chihuahua, Abby (her daddy calls her Katie Ann). Abby turned 2 years old earlier this month. She got a few birthday toys... a sweater for the coming winter and a matching blanket and rabbit, whom we call Spot. See why... 

This is probably the cutest of all her toys... in my opinion. :)

Here are all her birthday gifts... the blank and matching rabbit... along with the matching pink and black sweater. Those two pink hearts on the sweater are on two cute little pockets. I suppose I can tuck little treats into those for snacking away from home. :)

Don't let her size fool you though. She may be tiny but all 6 pounds of her is FEARLESS!
Here is a cute little video clip of how she taunts our 15 pound house cat, Beanie.
It's really short, less than a minute. And it shows how she gets attention after she gets bored with  her toys. She's no dummy... at least she backs into him to protect her face lol.

This video was actually from about 8 months ago but she hasn't changed a bit, her looks or her actions. :)
She can be as demanding as any toddler can be but just like I felt with my son... I can't imagine life without her.

My schoolwork is paying off. I hate that it takes so much of my time and keeps me away from blogland more than I want to be :(  but it's paying off. I received my mid-term grades last week and have an A- in both Psychology and Business Math. I am looking forward to be DONE with school after Spring Semester is over. I still read all my great blog rolls regularly but to get to my homework and study time I don't comment on near all that I'd like to. I'm still here though, peaking in on you often. ;)