Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sucking Up!

My baby chihuahua Abby is spoiled as bad as any baby could be. She cries when I leave the house and she doesn't get to go with me. So that's at least every weekday morning and when I do run errands on the weekends. I had a wedding to go to today. My best friend, Karen's (who is also my first cousin) son got married today. He's the same age as my son, Adam. And I got a little emotional imagining if that were MY baby boy!

Abby knows a lot of words. Some things we've started spelling so she don't know what we're talking about. One of her favorite words (next to "treat, biscuit, Beanie) is "Kiss!". She loves her belly kisses. And the first thing every morning she wakes me up... crying or barking til I'm sitting upright in bed, she rolls over to assume the Belly Kiss position. The same routine applies when I come home from work... after her excitement has died down a little and the asthma attack is over LOL.

Today when I got home from the wedding, I was expected to suck up and make up for leaving her at home. My hubby thought a couple of pics were in order while I was making it all better.



We have now earned some lovin' in return from Abby.



And here is just a better shot of the new hair cut/color in better lighting.
And now she's crying by me here again... pacing back and forth and standing at the bedroom door.
It's clearly time for some bedtime Belly Kisses and much needed sleep. G'nite!


  1. I like the haircut and color! Reminds me that I need both too :)

  2. I totally believe that dogs are in need of as much attention as our kids!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. I am now following you from Friday Follow! I love the name of your blog. =)

  4. aaaaaawwwwwww so Bichon loves tons of love

  5. Love your new cut! I bet it's much better to manage. You know our animals are just like our kids, they are a apart of the family.

    BTW, I have an award waiting for you at my blog, here is the link to receive it!