Monday, January 18, 2010

Widsom In a Cookie

So I was driving, on my way home from work this evening, trying to decide what to fix for dinner. I made yesterday a frozen pizza night (admit it, you have them too *Smile*) so I felt I needed to make tonight a good homemade dinner night. It was a toss up... Chicken 'n Dumplings or Country Fried Steak. I was playing over the process in my head of what sides to fix with either choice, how much prep time/work would be involved in each and flip through my mental calendar at the same time to think what else I'd need to do this evening. I already knew I'd choose the shortest, easiest route. My thought process was interrupted though, just before I'd reached a final decision. My son called (I've added his pic to the sidebar now to show him off.) and wanted to know if I knew yet what was for dinner. I gave him the choices I'd been mulling over and told him I hadn't made a decision between the two yet. He had another idea. He asked if I could bring Chinese home. Call it coincidence, call it fate, call it an accident... I call it Divine Intervention! lol Nothing like getting out of cooking dinner, without even trying! So anyway...

After my takeout of Chicken 'n Broccoli with Fried Rice and Egg Roll, I had my takeout desert - a fortune cookie. I usually find myself disappointed in the "fortunes" I receive. They are usually just pointless words that never really give you any kind of fortune at all. I did get a great piece of wisdom in my cookie tonight though.


I hate to make mistakes. Not because it's foreign to me or embarrassing or humiliating. I hate to make mistakes because I'm a perfectionist! I'm my own worst critic, in all way... at home and work and even in my hobbies - which are supposed to be fun, entertaining and enjoyable. And they are all those things for me but I hate make a mistake on something because I have always felt like my work (my activities of all kinds) are a reflection of who I am. And most of the time I'm too hard on myself. So I take this as a personal message to myself. To view my own mistakes in life as learning experiences. No only was the escape from cooking dinner my own little Divine Intervention, it brought to me a great lesson that I hope is brought back to my memory each time I do make a mistake. Have you ever gotten a "right-on-time" message in such an unusual way?


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