Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Driving Miss Abby

I've never told you before but I always wanted a little girl. I have a wonderful son (you can see his handsome pic over to the right) and two great step-daughters (we don't use step really, but just so you know I didn't give birth to them and I'll get their pics up soon... they're beautiful!) but I always wanted that baby girl to spoil, dress in cute little dresses and do the "pink thing" with. Abby is that baby girl.. until I have a granddaughter some day. I have tried more than once to walk with her but by the end of my (short) street her tiny little legs are wore out trying to keep up and she starts climbing up my legs for me to hold her. Soooooo...

I ordered her a pet stroller. It came today and I couldn't wait to get out when I got home from work and walk with her. We walked about 4 blocks or so to my mom & dad's. Here's a few snapshots of "Driving Miss Abby".

Hubs stopped me as we headed out the driveway for a quick pic.

  This is the new exercise tool for me. She whined and cried if I left for a walk without her but it was so hard to walk with her and her tiny little legs.

 Looking down at her from the top mesh window view, as she watches the world... unafraid of the cars whizzing by this way.

I squatted down for this shot of her looking out the back 'window' at me as we walked back home.

I had been thinking about this for a while and finally got it here. There are LOTS of sizes, styles, and colors to choose from. There is a tray under her sitting area where I stored my camera and her leash, for our stop-over at my parents' house. And there is a cool 2-cup holder across the top for mommy's drink and my cell phone sit in one of them perfectly. I see lots of walks in our future! :)


  1. There you go! The perfect solution - now you can get out and take your dog with you and everyone is happy. Glad to see you found a great solution and that dog walker is definitely cute!

  2. How cute!! What a great way to include your pup!!

    I wanted a little baby girl too - not happening, so I guess I just have to spoil my neices!

  3. I LOVE IT and I am going to look at those strollers. My pup is getting older and sometimes it's hard for him to walk when it's warm (he's a pug with the smashed nose) - so this would be perfect for days I still wanted to get out, but actually walking in the heat would be a little too much for him!

    Perfect idea for your cute Abby! Loved the title!

  4. so very very cute..I have a little yorkie and when he was small he had a pet stroller too:) now he actually keeps up!! :) enjoy!! your little girl is adorable!:)

  5. That is *so* cute and such a great idea! You're a great mommy. :)

  6. I wanted a girl, too. We're taking our son out for his 32 birthday dinner tonight and he's bringing his girlfriend, who we've never met. I'm so excited to meet her. If I can't have a girl of my own, I'll be perfectly happy with a daughter-in-law. We'll, I'm jumping to conclusion way too fast. By the way, your little Abby and her stroller are darling.