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My name is Diana and I'm glad you stopped by to visit. 
I'll share a little more about me and our family here. 

I'm married to a wonderful man! My soul-mate! I don't know what I'd do without him and can hardly remember my life now before him. We celebrated our 7th Anniversary on January 20, 2010. Below is a picture of us, taken Summer 2007.

My hubby, Tommy is funny, loving, kind, and tells it like it is. If you don't want the cold, hard truth, don't ask his opinion. He tells it like it is! But he's giving and caring to those he loves. There are so many things I love about him but one very sentimental thing he does to start every morning off right for me is making our morning coffee and bringing my cup to me every morning. This picture of Tommy was taking at a family picnic in Kentucky.

Tommy and I have a handsome son, Adam. He will turn 19 this summer in July (2010). He's so much like me and his father. Since about the first 10 years of his life was spent with just me (before his father and I married), he gets his soft heart and strong emotions from me. He's kind, sensitive and caring. This photo is one of his Senior pictures from Spring 2009. The photographer kept telling us he has "the look" and we should send some pictures to a modeling agency she works with. We haven't done so yet but haven't totally abolished the idea either. Isn't he just gorgeous!? ;-)

Tommy had two BEAUTIFUL girls when I met him in 1989 and they are a part of me now. Adam's older sisters are just a beautiful as he is handsome. Below are some pictures of them.

This is Traci, the oldest. She has a sweet soft voice and caring heart. She loves to help others when she can and, after 9/11 when many policemen and fire fighters lost their lives trying to protect and save the citizens of NY, Traci was known to give money out of her pocket to those who protect her in her hometown as well. She is shown above with her sister's chihuahua, Bella.

 Mandy is the youngest daughter, the middle child. She's sweet, kind, funny, and a daddy's girl. She is married to a wonderful man, Dusty. They live in Oklahoma. Mandy is very protective of those she loves. She's a hard worker and loves her furry baby, Bella, with all her heart!

We have two furry babies of our own at our house. Our cat, Beanie is 9 years old now. My dad got him for Adam when he was a little kitten. We weren't supposed to have pets in our apartment, and I was never a cat person. But I felt sorry for Adam, growing up alone and gave in. His sisters were much older and living far away in Oklahoma when he was little. They are just as inseparable now as they were then. For a long time (a couple of year maybe?) Adam couldn't think of a name for his cat and just called him Kitty. Then after a TV commercial a few years back, where the dad calls his little girl, Lilly Bean, we starting calling him Kitty Bean. That evolved quickly to just Beanie and stuck. He's 12.5 pounds and both loving and aggressively-playful.

And the last, but certainly not the least, member of our family is the "baby girl" chihuahua, Abigail Katelyn Turner... aka Abby or Katey (by her daddy). She will be 2 years old in October 2010. She's VERY active and playful, still full of her nosey inquisitive energy. She will demand your attention and stop at nothing to get it. She loves belly kisses and knows the word well. When you ask FOR a kiss, she immediately rolls over on her back for you to giver her Belly Kisses. If you do a good enough job, THEN you get your kiss from her. 

This is the family I love and you will no doubt read about through posts on my blog.

Some things about me???

Things I LOVE:
  • God - without Him I would be nothing and could not make it through this life and the things we all face.
  • My wonderful family - There are 5 of us kids. We're all close and get along. I'm blessed to have a family that loves and supports one another. I enjoy family get-togethers and catching up on each one.
  • My terrific friends - They are "family you choose". Those closest to me know what makes me tick. They have listened when I needed to talk, lent me a shoulder when I have cried, laughed at me during the funny times we've shared, and supported me in my decisions no matter what. You know who you are!
  • Coffee - first thing every morning to wake me up and get me going. I am NOT a morning person!!!
  • Being barefoot - the freedom from confinement and being able to wiggle my toes is a simple pleasure.
  • Watching a sunrise - being reminded that each day is a new start.. a fresh new beginning to life each and every day!
  • Feeling a cool breeze on my face
  • Babies
  • Backrubs that makes my scalp tingle
  • Cuddling
  • Crawling into cold sheets and fall asleep listening to a hard rain outside.

  • Lying/Cheating/Dishonesty
  • Pretend Friends  - If you are my TRUE friend you would know my heart and would never intentionally hurt me or do anything that satisfies your wants, in spite of how it might hurt or anger me or anyone else.
  • Having to leave my family for work each day. I'd LOVE to be able to spend my time at home with them.
  • Cold Weather - I get cold easy and have to use a small heater in my office at work... YEAR-ROUND! Winter cold outside and Summer air conditioning inside. 
  • Ever hurting someone else. Sometimes decisions we make that are best for us, ends up hurting someone else, though we never mean to. If I know this has happened it breaks my heart. I hate the feeling I have, knowing someone else is hurting  in some way because of me. It consumes my thoughts until I know it's "fixed" and that everything is okay.
  • The mindset I have of keeping everyone else happy. I know it's crazy and, though I'm doing better, I still have a hard time saying No and hate that I make decisions that I know will me me unhappy, trying to keeping peace and keep everyone else happy. :(

I enjoy cooking for my family but am not a GREAT Cook. I enjoy collecting recipes and trying them out and making them my own. I DREAM of a HUGE Cook's Kitchen with all the space and storage that one would ever need. I Love to Scrapbook to record some special moments in our lives that we can look back on someday. I love "creating". I play around with my blog often, finding new layouts, new graphic designs I come up with. I LOVE my Adobe Photoshop Elements!

I pray that I am always living a life pleasing to Christ and continue to grow spiritually and always share the love and compassion for those around me, just as He does.

I hope you enjoy your time here and if there is anything else you just can't help but wonder about, please feel free to drop me a line to chat about it or leave me a comment, maybe someone else is wondering the same thing!. :o)

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