Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hold to Reset

School is officially back in session for me. I know that means busier evenings/weekends but this semester should be easier than the previous ones. I'm just going part time this go around. I was almost meeting myself coming and going before. Full time work, school and not to mention full time wife and mom. I had a non existent social life (though I enjoy being at home with my family). As I headed into this newest phase I was silently praying and hoping the lighter load would pay off and I wouldn't feel the stress that had been there over the last year. Work is very busy right now too and with audits approaching fast, everyone is feeling the stress and tensions are clearly visible. During my 'quiet time' driving home from work this evening (because that's about the only time I am alone and not needed to go somewhere and/or do something for someone) I was thinking positively and tried to focus on keeping myself focused and not letting things overwhelm me... although I know there will be times when I will feel that way. I got a little encouragement when, at a stop light, my eyes dropped down and I saw on the control panel beside the odometer a little button and the words beside it said 'Hold to Reset'. When things get too tough and I can't see that light at the end of the tunnel, may I be reminded that I am being held and if I close my eyes I can see that all the stress, tension and frustrations can be reset, if I just sit quietly and allow myself to just be held in the arms of the Comforter. When I lay my head on my pillow tonight and close my eyes, I will rest in the arms of the only one who can reset my mind and spirit to start tomorrow fresh and ready to face a new day.

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