Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home of Broken Toys

Abby has set a new destructive record. The snowman she got on Christmas Eve is now part of the Broken Toy Club. We have to take some at some points and put them up until there is time for mending. I had quite a few tucked into the decorative boxes/urns and such on the entertainment center well out of her reach. So as toys are admitted to the wound care center, she gets another one or two, something to entertain her for a little while longer.

I don't have a picture of the snowman 'before' but I'm sure you can imagine. Her "Tweety" bird doesn't seem as worse for the ware but in a second shot you can see the shredded rope legs, which have been trimmed up on a few occasions. The yellow seahorse lost its tail and eyes months ago and had to have a seem sewed back where the tail was once attached. She has what we call a 'broke-eared-dog'. The missing ear is put up in a safe place and will be sewed back on, as soon as I find where I lost it put it. Her crab was repaired recently by my niece during wound care week over the holidays. The missing third rope leg is long gone. It was unrepairable because after the dismemberment, Abby proceeded to chew up and shred the rope leg.

I got her two new toys on New Year's Eve. She has a cute brown/tan moose, who we call Bullwinkle (all of her toys get names) and a blue M & M. I'm not sure but I thought I heard a familiar appedage-ripping sound when she was playing with Bullwinkle earlier today. I'll have to get him out of her bed and see if there are any battle wounds play time markings that need attention.






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