Thursday, October 3, 2013

October Organizing

I love seeing things organized. A place for everything, and everything in it's place. Sometimes life gets busy & chaotic (as it's been around the last 4 months) and you start with putting something down where it doesn't go. Then you forget to put it away and pretty soon it starts snow balling! I'm following Becky's prompts this month for short 15 minute organizing challenges to get back on track. You can get more on this challenge series HERE on Becky's blog. Not to mention all the other great information she has to offer. :)

I'm playing catch-up with my posts. Luckily Day 1 was just an introduction with information on the challenge and how to share your picture progress with Becky and her followers via Pinterest and/or Instagram. You never know what other great ideas you might get just from viewing others' pictures.

Day 2 was a drawer. Becky provided some shirt-folding ideas to not only make more space in your dresser drawer but it's so much easier to see what you have. Below is my before and after of my shirt drawer. I discovered two things... okay three things. 1.) I now have room to get more shirts. Yay me! 2.) I apparently like grey. and burgundy. And 3.) I am beginning to acquire as many Oklahoma Sooner shirts as my husband, who is a die-hard fan of his home state's team. :)

Before I at least had them folded somewhat but all stacked on top of each like they were makes it impossible to know what my options are without taking several out to see what's underneath.

Following Becky's folding technique I can see them all and make a choice without having to take several out. 

Day 3 (today) was the Undies drawer. I already had my simple drawer organizers from the Dollar Tree and had it all nice and neat before. But of course in my rushed, busy life as of late with the medical care of my sweet little Abby, I let things get out of control. But she needed me. Below is my before and after pictures of the Undies drawer. In the process I purged old socks and undies that were getting pretty worn. I have a few more of these $1 drawer organizers that I look forward to using in another drawer soon. :)

My drawer organizer are under all that mess, I swear! But in my rushed time I felt successful to keep the laundry done, and put away. Who needs folded undies anyway? :)

But again, just like with the shirts drawer, I can see everything easily now I love the clean organized look.