Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Cat's Diary

How many, by a show of hands, is owned by a cat? If you have one you understand that question completely! YOUR life is not your own. For example... were my cat to keep a diary I imagine a recent entry might go something like this...

I absolutely hate closed doors.. ANY closed doors... bedroom doors... BATHROOM doors. To properly patrol the grounds, I have to have complete, unhindered access to all areas. Thank goodness we're a close family, my people and me. No need for an alarm clock, when it's time for breakfast, I'll let them know. I have found that the most effective way to rouse my people is by the sound of claws scratching at the bedroom door. (Never mind the fact that the door wasn't supposed to have been closed to begin with.) 

I have found that my male person responds almost immediately. The usual response is "yes Beanie, I'm coming". Although at times it can take a 2nd and 3rd attempt of door scratching to fully arouse him and make him actually emerge from the sleeping room and begin the morning ritual of fresh water, fresh crunchies and a can of that soft, delicious food. The training process isn't terribly long. 

However this morning, I received a most disturbing response from my male person. Upon finding the door to the sleeping room closed, yet again, I scratched quite loudly. My male person replied with "Who is it?" I was quite stunned at his response and realized he was trying to play some silly little game with me. Breakfast is a serious matter and not a time to play. After patrolling the grounds throughout the night while my people slept, THIS is the response I get? 

I simply refused to play the game. I knew he would be disappointed and even more, curious at how I was reacting. I simply walked slowly away from the door, down the hall, without any further scratches. Let's see if he likes the game I choose as he bends over to refill the water and food bowl. He will NOT be asking "who is it?"… I assure you that.