Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tests and more tests

My first year in my 40's wasn't so bad. It wasn't nearly the tragedy I'd played over in my head the morning I woke up to "40!" After thinking about it I was healthier than I was at 30 (thanks to surgery and a 100+ lbs weight loss), I look MUCH better than I did at 30 (see previous reason), I wasn't a struggling single parent as I had been at 30. This 40-thing wasn't so bad after all. What a tease year # 40 was. Shortly after turning 41 (in January this year) I started falling apart... physically, not emotionally as you might think (I'd beat that part). My very first abnormal PAP was at 41, in March. So I was scheduled for a 6 month repeat. That appointment was last wee and I received the "all clear" postcard in the mail yesterday... false alarm. My very first abnormal Mammogram was at 41, also around March. I have the 6 month repeat for that scheduled for Oct 6th (2 days from now). I'll let you know how that goes. I find my faith and prayer life get stronger in times like these.

Speaking of Mammograms. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I found some great buys at the grocery store that not only helped my budget, those purchases were in support of breast cancer awareness. I got 2 really cute pink butterfly/ribbon reusable grocery "bags" that I couldn't resist... helping the environment and breast cancer research all for only $1.99! I didn't actually have M&M's on my grocery list and certainly didn't need them but with the purchase of two bags of peanut M&M's I got a beautiful Pink Promise Bouquet free. Another thing I couldn't pass up.

Aren't they lovely? I remember now though why I rarely have fresh flowers in a vase in my house. The cat likes to eat them... not a healthy supplement for him either. And now with Abby in our home, we've found that he assists her in struggles for "no-no's" that are out of her reach. I'm thinking after admiring the flowers for a couple of days on the buffet, I need to take them to the office, or give to my mother before I wake some morning (or the middle of the night) and find a puddle of water on the floor, overturned vase and 2 happy little babies sniffing and nibbling away.


  1. Beautiful blog, D., I'm glad you shared it with me. :)

    *WHEW* on your clean 2nd and gratz! Don't you hate the worry that goes along with those? My first scare was in my early 20's and resulted in laser surgery. I make sure to get an exam every year after that. I've gotten clean results ever since but hope I *never* have to go through anything like it again. Terrible.

    The flowers are lovely! I didn't know the babies liked to eat them, though. That must be quite a challenge. :)

  2. It's such a simple thing to do when you think about the great danger possible. Here's to hoping we both have clean results every time!

    Beanie is mostly just curious at something new in the house. Abby is just plain destructive (aka terrible two's) and in the teething/chewing stage so she'll eat almost anything right now. Beanie has even been caught scooting his own crunchy food or treats off the table to the floor and Abby's waiting mouth. They have a love/hate relationship. :)