Monday, October 5, 2009

How "fit" can you get in 2 weeks... REALLY?

I have a routine appointment with my Family Doctor two weeks from tomorrow on the 20th. I hate the scales more than anything else. I wonder just how much difference I can make in 2 weeks? I'm thinking maybe I can distract him with reports of the 2 6-month repeat test appts I've had. He's great and covers his bases to be sure we don't overlook something. So many doctor appointments these days are rushed. They barely have time to shake your hand and write a short note in your chart before they are out the door and headed down the hall. Dr Gilbert gets comfortable and listens til you are done talking. I'm sure his time is still limited but he doesn't let it show. 

I just don't see me forming the necessary relationship with my treadmill in a two span that I should. When I get up between 6:30am & 7:00am work til 5:00pm (and most of the time straight through breaks and lunch to keep up), head home at 5pm and a few nights a week stopping at the store for something one of us thinks we need. Then the domestic responsibilities and schoolwork are waiting. By 10pm or 11pm I'm so tired I welcome the cold sheets I crawl into. I'm not sure where I fit the "Fit" part into. I know I procrastinate and the whole "if you really wanted to, you'd find/make the time" but I just plain feel TOO TIRED to think about it, let alone follow through. And waiting until two weeks before an appointment. When I do get a few meager minutes free I'd much rather spend it doing something enjoyable, not sweating on a treadmill. 

On the upside, my trips to the doctor are a self esteem booster. Because of the difference in my health in the last few years I am still way ahead of where I would have been. I look and feel younger and I particularly enjoy the doctor's comments when I go to Tommy's appointments with him and Doc says he's glad Tommy's daughter (or granddaughter) could come with him. :) 


  1. Wait a minute... you've got your doctor set up as an authority figure here, yes? Let's keep some perspective. He's a businessman, pure and simple. You don't owe him an explanation or excuses or some kind of chart explaining your life and the 'faults' therein. This is *your* body.

    Worst he could do is refuse to see you anymore - which he won't because that'd be cutting his nose off to spite his face - and even then you could walk a couple doors down and find another one just like him. The only person you're responsible to is yourself.

    Keeping that exact thought in mind I jump on the scales at my doctor's and IF anyone gives me a look I say "What? WHAT?!"

    They think I'm incorrigible, which is true, but there's a certain respect that comes with being persnickety. :)

  2. Well I actually don't let his potential comments or reactions control me. He told me 6 months ago that the only issue I needed to worry about, in the 'how many pounds' category is in relation to my back problems (which seem to be worsening over time). Other than that he says don't worry about the scales, "cause you look just fine."

    I guess it's because I do respect him and value his medical opinion that I always hope to have a good report. But I do appreciate the comment and vote of confidence. :)