Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I guess I don't know my own strength

Yesterday evening Tommy asked me to 'pop' his back. I do it frequently as he does mine. He laid on the living room floor and I positioned myself above him. I always do it the same way but I never get the results I did last night. As I pushed on the middle of his back we head the LOUD pop! All in the same second, I pulled my hands back and froze, as Tommy screamed out and slowly sank the rest of the way to the floor, moaning. It was definitely a different sound than the usual popping vertebrae we hear. Adam was sitting in the floor close by, and was as shocked as we were and the look on his face said he had the same question I had. I looked at Adam and asked, "What was THAT?!" I was afraid to move. I asked Tommy if he needed to go to the hospital, his only reply was a deep, low moan. I had to help him to bed and checked on him a few times. I heard him all evening from the other room (til I knocked myself out with Ambien at bedtime) moaning and groaning... one of us needed to sleep right? :)

Today wasn't any better after what I thought would be a night's rest. He hurt just as bad when I left for work, grimacing and wincing from the pain each time he tried to cough, turn or walk across the floor. I finally convinced him he needed to see a Doctor, just to get it checked out and get something for the pain he was in. An X-ray confirmed that nothing was broken but just dislocated. Still haven't figured out how you dislocate a rib but I'll be checking into that.

I got him back into the car and home with a couple of prescriptions to get him through the next few days. He'd asked the nurse at the Urgent Care if he should call the police and file a domestic abuse report. I told him on the way home, be careful or I'd break the other side. We all know what I'm capable of now. :)

Not sure how I feel about letting him popping my back now either. That'll take a lot of thought.

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