Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hand Made Cards

I just finished some more hand made cards. My supervisor at work asked me today to make some cards for Boss's day on Thursday. I love to make them but haven't had the time lately (with work and school looming over my head) to get any made. I am out of birthday cards now and need to stock up again. They decided at work on a fall theme. Actually I think a Halloween theme was mentioned but I don't keep a stock of Halloween theme scarpbooking/cardmaking supplies. Now Fall, I can do that. It helps that it's my favorite season of they year. Maybe my love for crawling between cool bed sheets at night makes me connect with the crisp cool autumn air. It's also the beauty of the colors that nature's brings us in only this time of year.

So my cards took on the colors of Fall instead of Halloween. I was hoping to just get some idea in my head this evening and put it all together but once I got started I didn't want to break the inspiring mood, so I kept going and soon they were finished. I was asked to make 4 cards. I tend to do cards for occasions in an assembly-line fashion. I add all like pieces to each card base then go back to the starting card and start adhering  the next item. This makes each card alike but these have a personal touch on each with the initial of each recipient in a metal ring tag.

This is Vonda's card with the V tag.

Stephanie just started working for us this week but we couldn't celebrate the boss's and not include them all.

Julie and Angie are our Administrators and lead the whole team.

the inside of each card is the same.

Happy Boss's Day (early) to all of you and thanks for leading this great team of ours!! Be Blessed!!


  1. Very nice! I love handmade items. Speaking of, do you know 'Etsy'?

  2. Oh yes! I have a few Etsy stores bookmarked... I'd love to sell some stuff myself but I want to get through school so I have time to get stuff made... need to come up with a nice catchy name in the meantime too