Saturday, October 24, 2009

Primitive Ornament Give-Away

Since the last post I have had to backup all my files and reformat my computer. I got everything saved with the exception of my Favorites list and it had so many great sites. I really hate that. I'll have a lot of searching to do to get them back and I'm sure with the large list I had I'll never acquire them all again *sigh*. I have lost my jump drive that had all my school lectures, notes, assignments saved on it. I had to re-download quite a few files in such a short time to prepare for the mid term in Medical Science last night. My weekend will be spent finishing up a couple of assignments in other classes now, not to mention the housework and errands that typically fill my weekends. But first I had to sit down this morning with a cup of coffee and enjoy some 'me time' seeing what some of my favorite blogs have new.

Luckily I have some great blogs listed on my own page so those are still there waiting for me to check in on.One of my followed blogs is having a great give-away you'll have to check out. White Sheep Primitive has the cutest vintage baby shoe Christmas ornament that one lucky winner will receive.

I decorate my Christmas tree in the primitive style so this would go just perfect. (I'm crossing my fingers for a win.)  Teri also has an Etsy store with some great handmade items. I love the gingerbread men and primitive christmas tree bowl fillers. Check out Teri's blog and Etsy store.

Those gingerbread men would look great in a bowl on my old barnwood stand that sits on the front porch. I'll have to get a picture of it to share with you.

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  1. I don't think I have (as of yet) a tutorial on creating a background, but I will do one! Glad to help.

    I'm not real sure what you mean about the template and theme? Let me know and if I can help I will. ;)