Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Abby!

I'm just a little late in posting this but we did celebrate her birthday this week. Abby turned 1 year old this week on the 6th of October... exactly 8 months after she became a part of our family. HAPPY  BIRTHDAY ABBY! You'll never see a baby anywhere (human, canine or feline) that is more spoiled. She got a few things that you can see below... 

Abby got a cute pink wishbone, a squeaking Booda flamingo, an Everylasting treat ball (with refills), and the most adorable baby blue elephant. Doesn't sound too bad huh? Here's where the spoiled part comes in...

When I come home from work in the evenings, Abby is wild! After having not seen me all day long she is trying to climb up my legs, whining to be picked up. I have to set down anything I'm carrying and then it's all about Abby. If I have my hair pulled back with a scrunchie, it has got to come out and she won't stop pulling til it does. For some reason she loves to play with these things. So that too was on the list. Tommy wanted me to pick up a new package of hair scrunchies for her to play with. Nevermind that it's a chore for me to find any now to actually use in my hair because she's taken them all. But at daddy's request, Abby got a new package of scrunchies...

She love to play fetch with them, though it's me that has to fetch when she throws her head to the side, slinging whatever is in her mouth then looks at me with that 'are you gonna get that?' look on her face. A time or two I will (she has me well trained).

Here are a couple of more shots of her playing... one with her new birthday elephant (Ellie... because they all get names), and jumping up on the couch with me. We call the mid-air shot "Mighty Dog".

We love her like any parents love their baby, and have the same frustrations and 'demands' that a baby's parents have as well. Although I do have a small advantage. I just set her food and water out on the floor and her puppy pad is always there for her to 'go' on... which let me soak uninterruped last night in a tub full of water with a good book... water so hot your skin turns a pale pink... something I hadn't done in quite some time. :)


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  1. Diana, Thank You for joining my blog. I have joined yours too. I thought I had before... You have a beautiful baby. Happy Birthday Abby !!! Many Blessings,