Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nature's Bounty!

At work we have a sign on the entrance door to our Home Health Care office that states "Absolutely NO Soliciting At Any Time". Does it work? Sometimes. Do we have to point it out to people who just don't care? Sometimes. But a local berry farm gal came by the office with some goodies and we were SO glad she didn't notice the sign (which isn't as big as it should be, in her defense). She didn't have near enough of these to go around even but I was one of the lucky ones that got to bring this home from work yesterday...

Mmm Mmm (And she will have blackberries ready soon too!)
A quart for $4 gave me enough blueberries for plenty of muffins, pancakes, or maybe even blueberry turnovers. I can't wait to use them! I'd like to know what YOUR favorite blueberry recipe is. Gimme your ideas! =)

After I got home with those beauties above, my dad called with an offer I just couldn't refuse!
My parents have a small garden in the back yard that produces enough for them through the garden season and also just a bit more to share. So today Abby and I took a 12 minute walk to mom and dad's (actually I pushed her in her stroller) and after a great visit with them, and my brother who stopped in just after I got there (I don't get to see you near enough Tony!), Abby and I came back with this...

I love Summer Squash! I'm not a big fan of cucumbers but my hubby loves them.
One more thing I'm going to ask dad to hold for me though... two big 'ole green tomatoes to make a batch of Fried Green Tomatoes! I don't have space myself to grown much, but I can grow a little. So my goal for at least next year is just a few small plants in the very back of the yard.

Do you grow any of your own veggies or fruits? Have any advice or resources to share for small space gardening?


  1. Ohhhhhh those blueberries look divine! We pay almost triple that for mediocre ones! Enjoy!

  2. We had a big garden for a few years, but it never turned out well (bad soil, I think). This year, we just have tomato plants which are doing AWESOME. The blueberries look delicious!