Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recipe Card Collection - 2

Today is Recipe Card Collection #2 - Herb Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Start with your whole, roasting chicken.
I chose a Tyson with the pop-up button to be sure the chicken was completely done.
I like easy. :o)

Next I melted the butter with a mixture of all the herbs and seasonings.

 Chop your onions and vegetables.

You can use smaller red potatoes, halved. I used for large Idaho and quartered them.

Rub half of the butter and seasoning mixture all over the chicken. Then add onion, potatoes, and carrots around the chicken. Pour remaining butter and seasoning mixture over vegetables and chicken.

Bake as directed in recipe instructions and enjoy the aromas as you wait. :o)

The finished results were delicious! I normally don't do any real cooking when my son isn't home, since hubby and I would just have too many leftovers. This is something that I'll back to later though.

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  1. wow not sure I could cook a chicken like that.. Yummy..

  2. Mmmmmm... that does look delish! I might have to try for my next whole chicken!

    I usually use the leftovers and the bones for chicken noodle soup the next day (my youngest is a soup-a-holic!)

  3. yummy!! I like easy, especially in the summer. Thanks Friend! =)

  4. Looks delicious…do you do mail order dinners?

  5. Hmmm i am planning to make a roasted chicken this christmas...and i was like googling some recipe for roasted chicken, ur site and the pic of the chicken got my attention...so i browsed and liked your recipe...and i'm planning to experiment, cover the herbed chicken with bacon and bake it. hehehe
    well good luck to me.. and thanks to your recipe.