Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Follow Time!

It's time again for Friday Follow!

Here’s how YOU can join the Friday Follow celebration:

  • Link up your blog name and URL using the McLinky here.
  • Grab the Friday Follow button above and include on your Friday Follow blog post.
  • Follow so you can see the current things going on. If you haven’t checked out the website yet, please do so.  If you have any problems with the button, it’s a great place to get it.
  • Follow the Friday Follow hostesses listed in the first 3 slots.  (One of the benefits of being a host/hostess).
  • Follow as many other blogs on the linky as you’d like.
  • Take a moment to comment on the blogs telling them you’re from Friday Follow.

Today should prove to be a busy one for me (even though I'm on vacation and shouldn't have to be running so much HA!) I have to go to the store and pick up some paper goods because my hubby don't like wiping his hand on his pants because we ran out of paper towels and are on the last roll of toilet paper, YIKES! I have to go by the office where I didn't want to show my face again until Monday morning and drop off something for a co-worker and friend, who's last day is today. :(  THEN, I have to get myself ready for my niece's graduation this evening. So I'm off to check out a few Friday Follow Blogs, as I finish my morning coffee, then I'll start my busy vacation day. Have a great Friday Follow Day!


  1. Hi Diana.
    Stopping by from Friday-Follow to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  2. I'm here from Happy Friday Follow! I am now following you. Please check my blog at


  3. I am here via the Friday Follow. I just thought I'd check out a few of the links and you were one of the lucky recipients.

    I know, you feel so fortunate...

  4. Harriet, Missie and Teach... so glad you stopped by. I hope you'll come back and visit again soon! =)

  5. Hope you are having a quiet and relaxing weekend! =)

  6. I already follow, and TOTALLY love your new page! so fun. =)

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  8. Hello Diana! I found you through Friday Follow *last weeks* LOL I am a bit behild! I am a fellow Christian momma, scrapbooking lover and card maker when I have time. I hope you will stop by my blog and follow back! Have a great week.

  9. I am a facebook "liker" now too!