Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waiting for the Fat Lady to start singing

Sorry I've been away. It's been a crazy busy week for me so far, and it ain't over yet. That fat lady can start singing anytime now! Just a recap...

My brother, Dan had Lap Band surgery on Tuesday. I didn't know it in advance, but they also decided to do a hiatal hernia repair at the same time. He came home Tuesday night and all day Wednesday he was unable to keep down anything, including water. Therefore, no pain meds were staying down. You see where this is going, right? His wife had to drive herself 2 hours east for a follow-up with her surgeon from a procedure she had done a week or so ago. So my brother text be about an hour before I was off work yesterday, seeking a ride back to the hospital fore re-admittance last night. His doctor prescribed a series of steroid injections to reduce the swelling blocking anything from getting down where it needs to go. They were also hydrating him with IV fluids since nothing was staying down. Oh! And they got his pain under control with morphine via IV too. So he was feeling much better by the time I left him around 10pm last night (stayed until his wife got back into town and at hospital with him) and headed home to my WONDERFUL bed!

Today's update: tests show he is getting a little liquid through but still requiring steroids and pain meds and staying until he can keep something down. So more room service for him there tonight.

My sweet (though starving lol) brother and his wife, Amber.

My dad called me today at work to tell me my mother was admitted to the hospital today (different hospital than where my brother is). She was feeling "bad" last night and still this morning with chest pain and heaviness, and  in her arm too. NOT GOOD! He took her to the emergency room and they admitted her. Tests showed she had a light heart attack. :(

In addition they are treating high blood sugar (324 and she'd not eaten all day) and a UTI. They are rechecking her enzymes to see the level of damage. She has a heart cath scheduled for tomorrow morning so I'm taking the morning off of work to be there for that. She has a round of new meds (Plavix, Lipitor and can't remember the BP med). Of course she's concerned about being able to pay for all those new meds. If anyone has info on any medication assistance programs, please let me know. 

My beautiful mother, Barbara

My week isn't over. Today and tomorrow are payroll days at work. Needless to day I left work early after my dad's phone call about my mom and didn't get anything done today. I'm not planning on more than half day tomorrow (not that if anything comes up after the Heart Cath tomorrow morning). So looks like I'll be working this weekend doing payroll. 

If you pray, please say one for my brother and mother please. Thank you!

Excuse me now while I go in search of the Fat Lady and hold her at gun point until she starts singing, we've had enough here this week. =)


  1. Go get that fat lady! ;)

    Sendingprayers for your brother and mother.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a rough week! I hope everyone feels better, stat!

  3. Wow, what a week! I hope everybody starts feeling better and I hope the fat lady starts singing soon.

    I found your blog through Teachinfourth's blog and noticed you are living KY. I'm currently living in Lexington.

  4. Diana,
    I just said a prayer for your mom and brother. Hopefully tomorrow and the weekend will be uneventful for you all.


  5. Not a week anyone would foresee and I'm sorry for all that happened. I hope your brother is able to hold down food and liquid soon. At least they were able to get the pain stabilized.

    I hope your mom's tests come back okay! She IS beautiful!

  6. Good grief your family sounds like mine in the illness department.. we don't do anything half way, if we are gonna do it we do it as a group and all out..Praying for you all

  7. oh! You have been through the ringer!!!! Praying for your family friend!!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! I hope your mom and brother are doing better now.