Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Memory

I have to ad this disclaimer in advance. I love my husband and remember, I DID brag on him in posting about our 7th Anniversary last monty. It's the little things that matter and mean the most in the long run. That being said...

He is just NOT the mushy, gushy guy. He isn't quite sure what to buy on they popular gifting occasions... Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, and of course Valentines Day. I have learned in 7 years if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So aside from a hit and miss card someone reminds him to get card here and there, I take care of myself for those occasions. He leaves the decision to me and honestly, I get the best gifts this way. Over the years I've picked out for myself a new digital camera, a treadmill (something he would have known better than to pick out anyway lol), scrapbook organizing cubes system, jewelry, laptop, and a Wii... just to name a few things.

I have to thank our family Doctor for last year's Valentines card. Hubby had an appointment the day before Valentines Day last year. I go with him to these because A.) he won't tell him something he should, that's where I come in. B.) he can't remember all the things he WANTED to tell the doctor, and C.) he can't remember everything the doctor told HIM to share with me. Hubby is okay with my attendance. I think I only left the room one time on a Dr appointment. I mean, he didn't need ME making sure the urologist performed the prostate exam right, although I was invited by the Dr to stay if I wanted. Nah, there was a great "How to prevent recurring UTI's" article I didn't quite finish in the waiting area, thanks anyway.

I'm rambling aren't I?

So our family doctor (Dr John) is awesome, not only does he feed ME with compliments on all my visits and hubby's (like telling hubby it's good to see his daughter with him today lol), he REALLY listens. You never feel rushed or could even tell he has every exam room and a waiting room full of people to see him. Last year as Dr John finished up, and was shaking hubby's hand before headed out the exam room door, he looked him square in the eye and told him sternly, "Don't forget her tomorrow, you hear?" I had to stop at the super Kroger to get the new scripts filled and hubby said he needed to pick up a couple things while I waited in line at the pharmacy. I finished up and went in search of hubby. I looked in all the aisles I thought he might be in picking up some of his favs... steak at the meat counter, shrimp in the seafood section... no hubby. I walked by the card/gift section on my way to another place he could be and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him squatted down, pulling out cards, reading them and putting them back. He looked for just the right one. I walked on by quietly, not wanting to make a point of him doing what the doctor ordered.

The card was the most perfect one ever. The words were perfect and while there was no chocolates, jewelery or roses attached he expressed things that aren't said in quite that way, nearly enough for most of us. Things that I do for him, that seem taken for granted are pointed out in a wonderful way! And are reminders to me of the many things he does for me that most of my friends cannot say about the men in their lives. I've had the boyfriend who showered me with gifts, had roses delivered to me on a regular basis at my office and seemed like the perfect loving guy to everyone... but me. He never really gave me himself. Although I did find out he gave other women himself. So I remind myself of the material things I had and the things I didn't have and I wouldn't trade them off for nothing. So I'll tell Dr John on Tuesday when I go for my appointment (alone, hubby stays home) that I had the best Valentines Day ever!

 Here are a few hearts I made for some of the special people in my life. Make your own here.



  1. LOL - how I relate with the gift buying. I have to say, it IS the best way to get the things you need, as opposed to say, another macaroni necklace.

  2. What a sweet story! My husband is a lot like that too. My favorite memory of Valentine's Day is our first. We were 21 years old and broke with a capital B. We stopped at a local convenience store, picked up some cookies and coffee and we drove around talking while he fed be soft batch chocolate chip cookies! LOL.

    Tina @ The Floundering SAHM

  3. What a great story!

    I'm following you from Friday Follow!

  4. That is great that the doc put the bug in him. I love that your hubby is alot like mine.