Saturday, February 20, 2010

Supporting Bloggy Friends

This is going to be one BUSY weekend!

Just one of the projects on my list this weekend is to hop around and grab some blog buttons to add to my (finally installed) scrolling sidebar. I have a lot of places I love to visit and wanted to "show you all off". If you have my button on your blog and I haven't grabbed yours yet, leave me a comment and I'll be sure it gets added!

I also need to get my new kitchen pantry cabinet in place and everything organized so when I go grocery shopping this weekend I'll have plenty of organized space to put everything.

And of course I need to get in some Wii activity cause my butt really needs the workout for my fun-time workout.

Somewhere in the middle of these I still need to finish some homework, do some laundry and find some "me" time. Not sure that last one there will find its place but a girl can dream can't she?

I'm still looking for that lazy-day-stay-in-my-jammies-watching movies Saturday I long for but once again it's not gonna be this weekend. Is your weekend a busy one too? Or have you managed to find your lazy-day-Saturday? :)


  1. Our weekend is going okay so far... We are doing a few thing here and there.

  2. You ARE a busy gal! I remember those times! It's all worth it!

  3. Lazy Saturday? I'm still looking for a lazy minute LOL
    BTW: is the Wii all that? I've been hearing a lot about it - maybe I should get one for this fat but.... girlish hiney of mine.

  4. Man, I've never made a button! Pantry???? I just did ours last week thanks to the mice :o)