Sunday, February 28, 2010

Everything's normal & a little unbalanced

Confuse you yet? Well the "normal" part is the results of all the tests that were done in the last week. We'll get to the 'unbalanced' part in a few minutes. My yearly labs were all normal. - Thanks hubby for all the B12 injections you give me to keep that level normal. I know you secretly enjoy sticking me with that needle. I think you feel some kind of power from being on that side of the syringe.

The mammogram went well. I insisted hubby wait in the lobby with the other hubby's and patients while I got whisked away to change to a nice fluffy white robe and had a hot cappuccino and thumbed through a woman's magazine in a private sitting area. The luxury doesn't last long though before they come and get me. It's not bad though. Unlike most of the females I've compared notes with, it really doesn't hurt. I've heard it's your size that makes the difference. I wonder if that's true. I hear the smaller you are the more it hurts because they have to pull and squeeze harder to get your breast tissue flattened. I have plenty to smash so maybe I am lucky?? Oh yeah! The results this time around were normal! I went through a couple of 6-month re-checks in the last year because of a little 'spot' uncertainty. But we got an all-clear-come-back-in-a-year.

Dr John also ordered an MRI on my lower back. I have had a lot of low back pain for a few years. I don't recall any injury to my back. Well... except that clumsy moment when I slipped on my steps, and bounced down a couple on my butt. I was sore for a few days over that. I thought for sure I broke my tailbone but I never went to the doctor. Anyway, with no known injury Dr John just wanted to make sure all was well. The only thing that showed was Degenerative Disc Disease. Which is still a blessing to be only that. However at only 42 years of age, I need to figure out if you can stop this, reverse it, or at worst at least slow down the degeneration process. I don't have a followup appointment scheduled with Dr John yet but I'll talk with him about it when I go back. He did tell me though after a few mini tests in the exam room that I had a weakness on my right side. I'm not sure why I'd favor just one side but all the little things he did seemed to indicate the same thing. Maybe I need some Physical Therapy. I'd prefer a script for massage therapy though. :)

As far as the "unbalanced" part. My Wii FitPlus goes through a Body Test. A variety of checks, activities and such before the workout and FUN begins to see what your overall status is. And sure enough, my Center of Balance (COB) is a little to the left. Wii says I need to work on my strength training for my right side to improve my COB. I appear to lean a little to the left.

So my goals are to become more balanced and of course continue burning the calories on the Wii as I have for the last week. I'm loving my Wii! I don't watch the clock to see how soon I'll be done. It's definitely some fun working out and I have looked forward to my Wii time every day. And it's not just some little games. I DO break a sweat each time. The more you do the more new levels variations on activities you unlock.

This isn't my video but here is one I found on YouTube of one of the fun calories burning games. The Obstacle Course has me jogging in place and jumping over things. It's just one of several fun activities I have started working out to. 


  1. I am so glad you got good reports!! Praise the Lord! Good luck with the Wii Fit plan! Hope you have a great week!!


  2. Ok - We have Wii Fit and I notice you did not give your Wii Fit Age :-)

    The last time I did it mine was 50!! I am 36 in real life!

    I swear I will get it lower, but I got off balance on the test!

    Oh that made me mad!

  3. I love the Wii too! I really like the Wii Step Aerobics. I always have a lot of fun with that. Hula Hooping is fun too, but really funny to watch someone do it! I'm glad everything came back good. I hope you are able to get your Cob straightened out though. I agree that a massage would be more fun! :)

  4. The Wii seems to be all the rave these days. We don't own one, and don't have any plans to ever get one.

    I love the comment you left me tonight. I happen to agree with you 100%...and for the record, I am happy overall :)

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