Thursday, December 6, 2007

Whippin' the cat!

My cat is jealous of my computer time. This is the most out of character thing I know of for a cat. Aren't cats supposed to just let you know when they want to eat... but pretty much otherwise be 'loners'? I've always heard they aren't at all 'people cats'. I mean, who wants a pet that comes to you and pays any attention to you, on THEIR terms? I always wanted a dog. (We'll get to that another day.) I have a cat who INSISTS on being the center of my attention and will deal out repercussions if necessary. When I come home from work everyday, he's waiting on his cat tree in the living room window (My hubby swears he can tell time and knows when it's time for mom to be home! lol) I walk by him, sitting in the window and 4 feet farther upon opening up the front door, he's at my feet. I hear immediately about how bad his day has been... all he's had to endure. He rubs up against me and cries for all the attention he's missed all day... even if he's been babied all day by someone. He'll follow me from room to room and answers every question asked... "Did you have a bad day Beanie?"... "Yeow". The poor thing suffers daily neglect... "Did daddy & Adam ignore you again today?"... "Yeow". When supper if fixed, chores done and any errands ran... I sit down at the computer most evenings, even if for a short time. Yes, he follows me there. But he will allow only a few brief minutes of your attention to be on the monitor. When he's had enough... and he WILL have "enough"... you will know it. At first you only feel a brush of he teeth on your skin, that's all the warning you get. He doesn't like to hear 'no Beanie' either. The "mouse hand" (my right hand) is "Ground Zero" for this cat. He unleashes all his fury on that hand/arm... a tiny nip, turns to him gnawing on your arm like beef jerkey. I have a "status" on my messenger window that says what I've so felt like doing when I have to stop what I'm doing and put him down... "Whippin' the cat - BRB". Talk about a conversation starter! lol

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