Saturday, December 22, 2007

Weird IM Messages

Okay I just thought I'd share something really weird that happened to me yesterday.... and hasn't stopped. I got this random message from a stranger on Yahoo messenger, no big deal, I know... happens a lot. But this one has me wondering, guessing, thinkin.... We'll assume the info given to me is the truth here okay? Anyway...

"Samuel" is 17 yr old male from Ghana (how he stumbled onto my profile, I have no clue). His mother died when he was young, father abandoned him and he lives with his grandmother (has for years from what i gathered). He has a younger sister too that he loves very much. (Nothing out of the ordinary here so far huh? Let's go on.) After a few "getting to know you questions" from Samuel.... i.e. Are you married? (Yes I'm married.), Do you have any kids? (Yes I do - a 16 yr old son and 2 older step-daughters married and on their own.),... This is where 'weirdness' kicks in lol...

"So you're old enough to be my mother then?" ummm yes I am (must not have read ANYTHING about me on the yahoo profile lol) ... "Can I call you mom? I don't have a mom" ... (is he serious? I'm a total stranger on the internet... you can be ANYONE on the internet lol) ... I have to say now though that my son feels certain someone is "messin with me" and I should 'call the bluff'... 'play his game, til he's bored with it" lol...

SO.... I said "LOL, yeah sure, I guess, whatever" ....... (mistake no. 1 lol)

So now I get IM message left for me offline... AND an email today "How are you today mom?" (not givin up easy on this game is he? lol)

And the kicker.... the most recent msg... "Tell everyone there hi for me and my little brother too" (LOL .... of course i told my son his brother said hi!!! )

I'm used to the the 'random-drive-by-flirty-messages' though.. not this kinda thing... I end up blocking the ones who don't care if you're married... I'm not sure how to handle this kinda friend-searcher. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggested responses? lol

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