Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Photo Wrap-Up!

Just a few last holiday photos to close out this wonderful holiday season. I'm looking forward to a great, life-changing, prosperous, and fun New Year!

 Since Abby came into our lives, I put away my BIG Christmas Tree and use this "skinny" Primitive Tree. To better corral her energy and curiosity, we moved hubby's computer desk to the corner of the living room where the bigger tree always went. I use a smaller space on the opposite side of the room for my Primitive tree. I like it a lot though. Not only does the decorating go quicker now, but it seems to suit my 'simple life' that I'm trying achieve. The country/primitive quote "Live Simply" is something I want to do more of. You think more about the REAL important things in life. :)

 I love this little letter tube. The end comes off so you can put Letters to Santa in there with all of your Christmas Wishes. I won this about 3 years ago at an office Christmas party playing the Dirty Santa Ornament game. It was stolen a few times before I ended up with it.

Below is another close-up of the tree. It's not real clear but the clear glass ornament holds burgundy and cream berry garland pieces that go with some other primitive accents in the room.

I hung several rusty metal Snowman Stars in the berry garland over the cut-out window between the living room and kitchen. 

I love this tree skirt with the snowman family on it! It matches everything else perfectly and Blessings are just what I wish for all of my family. 

Before Santa showed up and left everyone's gifts (below) this was the daily scene beneath our tree.
My cat, Beanie watched the activity of the room from this spot, along with his buddy... a knitted snowman I received from a co-worker in a few years ago.

Our family began a new tradition last year with the Dirty Santa Ornament game, stealing our favorite ornaments from others around the room. My older sister, Bev decided to wear her winning ornament 'earrings'. 

Two Tony's... Two Crosses.
My dad (Tony Sr.) and older brother, Tony (Jr.) both ended up with matching ornaments in the game.

 Abby and I at mom's house for the family gathering on Sunday, December 26th.

Always the comedian. My son, Adam making a face for the camera. 

My nephew, Joey. 

My other older brother, Danny. He was sick for the family gathering but still managed to look good and pull off a great smile in spite of himself. :)

Two of my beautiful nieces (I have 4). Nicole and Samantha.

That wraps up my holiday photos. I have tons more but just chose few highlights to share. I'm trying to enjoy my school break and spend more time on fun things and family time, before school starts back in mid-January. I have been hopping around trying to catch up on my blog reading and see what is going on in blogland during my down time.

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas! And I hope the New Year brings you many wonderful blessings and much happiness! :)

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