Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's now "another day"

Excerpt from Dec. 2007 post Whippin' the Cat "...I always wanted a dog. (We'll get to that another day.)..."

Well... it's now 'another day' and I have my dog! On Feb 6th 2009 we brought home a 2.5 lb baby chihuahua. Her papers say Abigail Caitlyn Turner aka Abby.

I've never seen anything move so fast in my life! Who'd have thunk it would take 3 full grown adults (me, hubby and the vet) to hold a 3 lb chihuahua still enough for shots. I managed to come out on top. I held the 'back end' hidden from view so her daddy and the vet were the bad guys she saw when that needle went in. I'll remember that position in the future too, since daddy came away with a bloody hand from her wrath. LOL

She is nearly a year old and about 5 lbs but don't mistake her tiny body. She's still 'finding her bark' and it's fun to get her going and listen to the various level changes. And she's howled just a few times, accidentally of course because she seems to surprise herself and us when she does and can't do it again. Right now we are in the Terrible Two stage. And she's teething, so just like any other baby, everything goes in her mouth. Sometimes you pull back and injured or bloody stump too if she gets her teeth sinked in enough before you jerk back. Night time... bedtime she comes alive no matter how tired and sleepy she is just minutes before we walked into the bedroom. She sleeps with us and the bed is her playground. She isn't allowed in there all day so she the bed is her playground. And when she has run a few laps and played with a toy or two (she brings them to bed every night) she will crawl under the cover, most nights to the bottom close to our feet and sleep. It's peaceful again. But Abby always wakes up first and when she does, everyone gets up. She will crawl out from under the covers, do her 'shake & stretch' routine then she starts pulling the covers off of us with her teeth... and Abby will not be ignored. But it is still a thrill to see her face when I wake each morning and running to greet me each evening... full of love.

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