Sunday, October 19, 2008

Only Here...

I live in Kentucky but being right on the river I work, shop and 'go out' across the river in Ohio. There is an awesome Mexican restaurant locally that has become my husband's favorite place to eat. Toro Loro (one of several around our area now in fact) is authentic Mexican food, not some glorified mexican fast food place. You can get anything Mexican you want, even things you don't know you want and you can even be serenaded as the Mexican guitar music and singers make their rounds. But I never would have expected this...

The same "family" of Mexicans that own and operate that great Mexican place have opened a new Italian restaurant in town. WHAT?? That's right... only here in Southern Ohio (and I'm sure a short distance across the river into Kentucky) can you eat some great, authentic Italian food, in a sort of western looking atmosphere (with its wooden benches, floors and walls), be served by Mexicans (those same friendly faces we saw a few days ago down the road at the Mexican place) and listen to country music. Who'd 'a thunk it?

Not a site you'd ever guess you'd see but I have to say... Man! can those Mexicans coo Italian food. I may go back again for lunch tomorrow.

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