Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Love-Hate Relationship

I have to admit... I have an obsession with magazines! Not just any magazine but my faves that I've share with you before. I love to lay back, relax and de-stress with some good magazines. I love to read a good book but my magazines serve a purpose (or two) that a book cannot.I got the two newest issues of some of my subscriptions yesterday.

They are a great source of inspiration. I love looking through Country Sampler or Better Homes & Gardens if I'm needing some home decor ideas. Taste of Home and Food Network magazines give me some great recipes to try when I'm tired of fixing the same old things. And then my crafty side loves Paper Crafts.

I also like that I can finish articles of the magazines in a short time. A book goes on for a while, and I love that a story takes a long time to end. But when I have short break of time here and there... say a break at work or while sitting in the doctor's office waiting room... I like to get finished with an article and get my brain thinking on it and how to act on what I've read. 

But there is one thing I HATE about my magazines! These little guys...
 I can't sit and enjoy a minute of my magazines until I go through each one... at least 2 (maybe 3 times) and pull out all the reply cards and inserts in each one. I can't stand that a magazine can't lay flat on the table where I'm reading, because of a card a few pages ahead raises the pages. Crazy pet peeve, I know but it's one that makes me crazy! I don't know anyone else that feels this way about them.

Does this bother anyone else but me? Do you have any unusual pet peeves that you feel you are the only one that deals with them?


  1. Those are sooooooo annoying!

  2. I hate those cards! I can't think of any pet peeves right now, but I know I have quite a few :).

  3. OOOhhhh, I love magazines, too!!!!