Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 365 Weekly Wrap Up

  • I hope to do 2 to 3 postings a week but I'm not sure how realistic that plan is. I start back to school on Wednesday next week, Yikes! So anywhere from a couple times a week or a weekly photo wrap up post. This post is the first set with 8 photos to have me up to date from January 1st to today. Here are Photos 365-1 through 365-8.

365-1 January 1st: New Beginnings
 This wooden wall hanging was a Christmas gift from a good friend. And was the perfect mindset for the New Year. The bottom part that is not visible says, "Today is a gift, that is why we call it the present."

365-2 January 2nd: Remembering our Roots

 The stoneware crock on my entertainment center.

365-3 January 3rd: Simplify - Focus On the Important Things

 This is a set of three small wooden primitive print buckets. I thought the focus on the "Simplify" was perfect for me as I want to de-clutter not only areas of my home but my life as well.

365*-4 January 4th: Time Flies
 I explored some creativity on this one. These are all elements from my scrapbook supplies. The numbers are all metal mailbox plates with white numbers on pastel pink and blue backgrounds. I altered the colors to make a black background with a hint of the pastel colors on the numbers, instead of the white. Then framed the 11 with another metal scrapbook embellishment. I'm not sure how visible it is on this smaller web version but I used a Wind effect, pulling from left to right to produce my Time Flies theme. If you can't see the Wind effect, open the picture full size in another window to view larger.

365-5 January 5th: Peace in the Storm
 We are having some COLD, Snowy weather here in northeast Kentucky. But the colors I added to this church... against the dreary sky... give a  calm, peaceful feeling. Not to mention the peace that can be found inside that church. :)

365-6 January 6th: Illusions of Innocence
 My 10 year old, 15lb cat Beanie is mostly lazy, as all cats are. But he can sure fool you too when he's feeling his cheerios!

365-7 January 7th: Small Town History
 The photo above is the oldest building in our small town along the Ohio River. Built in 1926, it was originally Ford Motor Agency with the showroom floor in the windows in the bottom left section of the photo. My little town is just across the Ohio River from Portsmouth, Ohio. You can still see the directions in large painted letters & and arrow at the top of the building directing people to the US Grant bridge leading to Ohio.

365-8 January 8th: Through the Eyes of a Child
Hayden was fascinated with his ability to sit on the stairs at my mom's house and look down over the dining room and see everyone from above.

  • Week one down. Fifty-one more to go. I'm looking forward to prettier and warmer weather the get out and get some nice unique shots.
After not being able to sleep at all last night, today was a lazy day for me and I used it to upload, crop, and edit the week of photos. Enjoy your weekend and stay warm! 

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  1. I love Beanie :) He looks so peaceful - a cheerio loving cat is a happy cat! The photo of the old building is great - i love old buildings that have history behind them! So great that it's still standing, and has that arrow pointing toward OH/Portsmouth still painted on it. Great photos, good work! Good luck w/the remaining weeks! I'm really enjoying everyone's 365 projects. Now I wish I would have started one last weekend, too! :)

  2. I really like the simplify buckets and the way they are colored. Very nice.


  3. Very creative week of shots!!!

  4. Hi Diana,

    I love the first shot's saying. Wow, love it!
    What a very creative picture that of the church. I too tried some different editing this week for one of my shots.
    I love your monthly word "simplify" the shot is a wonderful reminder.
    Have a wonderful blessed week ahead.

  5. Enjoyed looking at your pictures!! So nice to meet you.

    I'll be back♥

  6. Hi, Diana, I'm new to Mommytography and just starting posting this week. I like your "simplify" photo. Boy, is that near and dear to my heart!

    Nice to "meet" you!