Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Sunday Evening

Not a lot of excitement around our house lately. That's okay though. I won't complain. It will be busy and crazy soon and will last from Thanksgiving to New Year's. I'm working to keep up with school work and trying to do a little purging and organization around the house too. 

Today has been a day of laundry and cleaning and finally removing a few pages here and there from my magazine collecion to save for later... a recipe, a decorating or craft idea, or a healthy living article I want to refer back to. After removing some pages, just a few, I threw out STACKS of some great magazines. I think now I probably should have donated them somewhere but I'll keep that in mind for the next purge. I LOVE my magazines and these are just a few that I like to read regularly...

I like a variety of magazines and this isn't all of them. Nothing exciting, I know. But the give me ideas and inspiration for making some scrumptious goodies and help me to decorate, organize and make my home more inviting. And besides, I have to get rid of a stack of these to make room for the next stack as they arrive in the mailbox. :)

So now that my chores are done for today, it's time to relax and enjoy the evening in preparation for a BUSY work week! So after a "pool party" (that's what Abby knows a bath by lol) I will be watching the following shows and no doubt reading/doing Business Math homework during commercials...

The Next Iron Chef ~ Food Network @ 9pm

The Walking Dead ~ AMC @ 10pm

and an encore presentation of:

Sarah Palin's Alaska ~ TLC @ 11pm
since the first showing is @ pm and The Next Iron Chef competition is almost over and I HAVE to watch that... and I have always wanted to visit Alaska, what a beautiful state. So I will let Sarah show me her Alaska. :)

Hope you have had a great weekend. What did you do today? :)


  1. I want to see Sarah Palin's Alaska - thanks for the reminder!!

    I am not a magazine reader. I skim them but never really read them. I do like looking for crafty kind of ideas! And did get TOH for a while but was never *really* inspired from it.

  2. I feel shallow. My favorite magazine is people. : )