Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pass the Tissues!

I'm a big cry baby! Not only do I cry on sad and sappy-happy movies... I have been known to cry on a few commercials too. You know the ones. It's usually around the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Someone is coming home that's been away. You barely notice the real sales pitch at the end. Here is one I found recently.

So anyway... I was focused this weekend on getting a lot done on my school work. I took two Business Math chapter exams yesterday with my proctor at the library. It went well. I was on a time limit of 70 minutes per exam. I completed BOTH exams in an hour. 

Today, after some domestic duties... cleaning the living room, kitchen and doing two loads of laundry... I settled in to work on some Psychology assignments. I finished about a third of the new chapter for the week - on developmental psychology - and watch 8 videos assigned to go along with the chapter.

It was a PBS link actually... video series on "Life's Greatest Miracle" ( I saved the link to my favorites titled "Where Babies Come From". Why you ask? If you are a parent, you have no doubt heard that question asked... and find yourself dumbfound on how to explain it. Granted this set of videos isn't for a pre-schooler but does explain the scientific aspect of it all to a pre-teen who can understand it and take it all in. I just wanted to have the link handy in case I'm ever asked that in the future. :)

The videos cover from conception or egg fertilization through birth... the stages, changes, growth, etc. Very well done and even at age 42 I managed to learn a thing or two. :)
At the very end, when the couple they followed through the video gave birth... I CRIED! Can you believe it? Sitting here on the couch, doing a Pshychology assignment... I got all teary-eyed. The video series is correctly named because bringing new life into the world truly IS Life's Greatest Miracle.

Now I can't wait to watch an up coming movie on the list for my Psychology class, called  "Charly" The YouTube clip is almost 9 minutes long but if you're a sucker for a sappy movie, and I enjoy them as much as a good comedy, then you'll enjoy the time spent watching the clip. If you're not interested, then don't click on the video. But feel free to leave a comment. =)

Anybody else out there a sap like me? 

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  1. ha ha...I am a sap too..but I avoid the things that make me cry!!!! However, a good love story makes me cry, a happy ending makes me cry...and I try and NOT avoid those!!:)

  2. Ok so now I am all teary eyed before I have to go to bed.. thanks so much...woohoo on the exams I am sure you did awesome on them

  3. YES I'm a total SAP! I think it's good to be that way sometimes... except, I'm at work, and now my eyes are puffy! That is not a good time to be a sap! haha :) have a great week!