Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend!

I try not to talk about very personal information about others for their privacy. I'll just say that my hubby suffers from debilitating migraines. They incapacitate him and he is in bed 1 to 2 days with them... on average a couple times a month. Needless to say this affects a number of areas in our lives. There isn't much social interaction, since the headaches can come without warning, so we stick close to home. I get out more but not far away. But we've had a wonderful weekend!

Tommy had to go the the doctor's office Friday morning so Thursday evening after I got off work, we went back out to get his hair cut. He wanted to be a little more presentable before going in. He was having a pretty good evening and you can always tell because he displays his great sense of humor and can keep me in stitches! Something so simple as getting his hair cut (and picking up a couple of things at Wal-Mart) was enjoyable for me to be out with him. I texted him the next day from work to see if he was still feeling good and let him know how much I enjoyed our time together away from the house. I let him know I'd like to get out for a 'date night' soon if he was up to it... dinner alone... no son or pets. His reply... "I'm yer man! BTW... I LOVE YOU SWEETIE :)"

Since he was feeling so good at the moment I didn't want to let it pass by. I left work an hour early and we headed out Friday evening for a steak dinner. Well.. he had steak, I had a grilled chicken breast. The food was good and we got to spend time together out of the house, away from TVs, computers. It had been a while since we just enjoyed each others company and held hands.

I think the evening out was just what the doctor ordered. Yesterday, he remembered that we hadn't yet taken my mom out to eat for her birthday as planned... I'm ashamed to tell you... the end of June last year! With work, school and "life" happening it had slipped our minds. But Tommy remembered and it was important to him. So we took her out yesterday evening. We let dad come alone too. :)

Two wonderful relaxing evenings out this weekend was very refreshing. I think I'm going to plan a "date night" at least once a month to start with. The day of the week will have to be flexible, when it's a "good day" but I'll be ready.

Do you have Date Night with your spouse? Have you done anything recently that you hadn't done in a while that you'd missed doing?


  1. Too much stuff to mention. Between hubby's work hours, my oldest son and his bipolar, my mom and her needs and appointments I barely get time for me...let alone a date night. That would be heaven. Although 2 weeks ago we got to go yard salin all day cause my sister had 2 of my kids , the oldest stayed with a friend and mom decided she wanted to sleep all day.

  2. Glad you had a good weekend and your husband was able to enjoy it all. We have a date night once or twice a month - we can't do more than that as we have to get a baby sitter for our three year old always (with no family here to lean on). But it is a good habit to create.

    As for things I miss doing - that would be just about everything I used to take for granted before our daughter was born, like washing my hair every day, taking a leisurely shower, reading a book, going to Starbucks.......etc

  3. Oh, I love date nights! Dh and I went to a wedding this weekend and had a lot of fun.We even danced! :)