Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black and White Wednesday with... my Mama

This pencil sketch of my mom was a gift to her from a good friend.
She's VERY talented and mom has since had sketches of each of us 5 children done
as well as her mother and my dad's mother... all done from recent photographs of us.

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  1. Very cool! My parents had a sketch drawing of them a year or two after they were married. Very beautiful. You should post the ones of you too!

  2. Beautiful!

    My sister does charcoal drawings and have done them of each of my children, and one of them together.

    I agree - you should post the one of you!

  3. That is so sweet - gorgeous sketch!

  4. That is really neat! What a talent!

  5. Holy Moly that is really awesome. WHat a talented person!

  6. WOW...this is so neat!! Thanks for playing along:)