Thursday, May 27, 2010

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This isn't the first post about her but in case you are really new here and haven't had the please yet, meet my Abby!

Abigail Catelyn Turner aka Abby (my daddy calls me Katie though)

We were a long time finding her. I wasn't quite so picky but DH had a mental pic of EXACTLY the pet he wanted us to have. He gave me this description and I searched for at least 2 years in pet stores and newpapers, making calls for details from information I'd get from friends. I even searched the internet on breeder websites for this...
"She" had to be female, fawn colored with a black mask. Oh! and she had to be purebred. Seems easy enough right? WRONG!!

That exact make-up was hard to come by. But at the end of January last year (2009) I was in the pet store locally (yet again) and there she was! I took her pic and sent it to DH and said she was perfect and met every description on his list and said he just HAD to come see her.

I drove back home and got him and we went back. It was love at first sight. She was a "pretty penny" but we were determined to have her. We paid a deposit and they agreed to hold her til the end of the week. We already considered her ours and went to the pet store every evening after work to visit her. They would get her out of the cage and let us hold her and play with her in the visiting area.

Her daddy was smitten from the start!

It was a LONG week waiting to bring her home. I took half a day off when we went to get her and bring her home. We were waiting outside when they opened the doors. And on Feb 6th 2009 we brought Abby home!

Leaving the pet store. She was exactly 4 months old when we brought her home. She turned a year old in October 2009. 

She has us all wrapped around her heart and we can't imagine life without her now. 

She is probably  the smartest dog I've ever known and has learned so many words! One of our favorite's is "kiss". When she hears the word she immediately rolls over, belly up for you to kiss HER belly. Regardless if you've asked her for a kiss, or if you're offering her one. The word KISS is her cue to roll over and enjoy the attention.

Abby's Belly Kisses :)


  1. Awww! She is adorable! I love the pic with you - it looks like you have a twinkle in your eye!

  2. We are actually "petless" now.

  3. She is too cute!! Worth the wait huh? She's beautiful and her mask is perfect!


  4. such a cute puppy face! I just love the belly kisses!