Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets - Beginning Organization

In my last post I set myself some goals to be organizing my home, which will in turn create some much-needed organization in my life. This post was the beginning of my God-Sized Dream that I shared as I read and study with Holley Gerth and her readers. Organizing your house doesn't seem like much of a big dream to most people but it's what I need emotionally, mentally and spiritually... much more than physically. Let me explain why.

I read a few words recently posted by Becky on a great blog that I follow, Organizing Made Fun. I can't find the post now after stalking so many of her posts but it was something about the places her family has lived, both rentals and homes they have owned. She made a huge impact on me when she said even while living in a rental, she did what she was able to do to make that house their home. That was definitely inspiration to me because we live in a rental home. Because of health issues, my husband is disabled and isn't able to work now. If I was being realistic, renting is better for us right now. This allows us to not have the stress and worry of repairs and maintenance around the house. I've cheated myself out of enjoying that blessing for far to long.

We have lived here since 2006. It's not big but it's big enough for us. But because it isn't ours, and I plan to live in a home we own again one day... I've not allowed myself to feel "at home" here. My mindset has been, for a long time, that I'm leaving, I'm not staying here. In other words, "don't get too comfortable Diana, this isn't your home." And that's not a bad thing from the perspective of planning, dreaming, hoping for something more. But it's been bad for me. Because I make myself feel unsettled in this house, other things in my life feel unsettled. Because I'm always trying to get away, I miss the opportunity and potential I have for the here and now. I go through too many steps of making do... with where I live and how I live. And I'm tired of not feeling at home. So this God-Sized Dream of organizing... not only my home... but my life is a road I'm ready to travel on.

The first step photo I share in the last post isn't ready for and "After" post yet. I've decided to not only organize but rearrange. Some things in my home will find a new place to reside. Instead I'm showing another before and after cabinet space that I started with. It's not 100% complete but still a huge change. See for yourself...



I found these pantry supply images and printed them on clear shipping labels that I picked up at WalMart. I have a few more to do. These were pre-made images but I have a few more I will make myself with Photoshop. This was a wonderful feeling to open the cabinet door and actually see everything on a shelf without digging behind things to see what I have and what I'm out of. And will make creating my grocery lists much easier. I can't wait to tackle another cabinet now. :)


  1. Thank you for your kinds words on our new GRAND-daughter. We are so excited and can't wait to get to hold her. We've skyped with the kids a few times and she says "hi", and can already call us Nannie and Pappy!!! God is so good!!!

  2. I love, love using those kitchen organizers, too. My pantry has been easy to keep up since I started doing this kind of thing. I think you're smart to make the home you're living in your home right now,

    1. Thank for the encouraging words Ro! It's long overdue to feel "at home".