Friday, April 27, 2012

I've waited all week for this!

TGIF! But not because the weekend is here. Well that too... But I have waited all week to wear my new shoes on this "casual jeans day" at the office. I took my niece, Samantha, to K-Mart last Sunday for something specific. I hadn't shopped at K-Mart in a coon's age! (Don't ask me how long that is, but in Kentucky that's a LONG time!). So I was surprised when I saw these really cute ankle boots on clearance for $10!!

I couldn't resist. I didn't own any boots of any kind before. I've avoided that whole fashion statement most of my life. It's because of a condition I have known as FCS, better known as Fat Calf Syndrome. Even at my smallest size, and I have been small before, I have suffered from FCS.

But I thought what the heck... And tried on a pair. Or at least attempted to. My size 8 foot wouldn't fit in them because evidently it's spread to the top of my foot!? But a size 9 fit perfectly! Jacklyn Smith must use a different size chart because all of my other shoes still fit and feel fine.

My niece agreed with me that they looked so cute with the jeans I had on that I decided they were for me! And it's finally Friday so I can wear them to the office! I love them!!


  1. I think FCS is a Kentucky thing. I can't wear zip up boots either. Must be all the hill walking we have to do lol. But those boots are super cute I love them.

  2. They do look great. I love heeled boots with jeans, they are always so cute. :)

  3. I LOVE your boots. What a great deal on them. Sounds like a fun shopping day :)